‘Listening to the Distance’ seminar

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This graduate studio seminar will explore the artists role in understanding environmental change. It will focus on listening as a method of research and artistic experience, and will engage in examples from composers, artists and scientists who listen to the environment in different ways. The ocean will act as the case study, and the seminar will relate to current research in oceanography that enables live data to be accessed on land. We will study both psychological and technological approaches to listening and experiment with these techniques to expand our relationship to and understanding of environments. We will consider listening as a form of attention, that does not exclude images but actually enhances our ability to visualize and communicate, considering the implications of remote presence when listening to the distance. Students are required to actively participate through ideas and conversation, and to create engaging artistic experiences to communicate their research.

Art and the Environment: Listening to the Distance, the second in a series, is designed and led by Yolande Harris as a 10 week Graduate seminar at DXARTS, University of Washington 2015.