Reviews of ‘Melt Me Into The Ocean’

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Read Good Times preview and Santa Cruz Sentinel review of Melt Me Into The Ocean.

“The sun had dipped above the horizon, but local artist Yolande Harris wouldn’t have seen it amidst the chilly July haze encircling the end of the Santa Cruz Wharf. She lowered her hydroscope into the water and watched as a shoal of anchovies swirled around it. She listened to and recorded the happenings of another world just beneath the surface, and amidst the white noise of hissing and snapping, she could hear sea lions bark and perhaps a dolphin click.

“It’s a very magical sound,” she says of her recordings. “Watching the surface and motions and swirling, I get totally taken away. It’s hypnotizing.”

Harris is a woman of the sea. She has always been, in retrospect, having grown up sailing and swimming with her family in the Atlantic before eventually moving to Santa Cruz a couple of years ago.

The same is true for her art, a collection of marine sounds aimed at deepening our understanding of the ocean. Harris’s latest work is part of a larger series presented by local chamber and experimental music group Indexical. The performance, titled “Melt Me Into the Ocean,” is a one-time evening event that uses sound to connect participants to this sense of place and community.” Read the full article in Good Times


“On a perfect beach day Saturday, Santa Cruz experimental and chamber music group Indexical invited beachgoers to dive deeper into the sea through the daylong event “Melt Me Into The Ocean.” Participants strolled between sound art sites along Seabright Beach, the West Jetty walkway and Ocean View Park. ….

In the evening, about 100 people gathered for the second part of Harris’ “Melt Me Into The Ocean,” a sound and image performance at Ocean View. When the oceanic sounds began to play for the speakers everyone moved closer. To the west, the sunset sky was a violet and orange before fading into night. The video projection became clearer. There was the moving surface of the sea, a whale and a sea lion. In the distance, a sailboat seemed to pass through the rollercoaster lights

Children ran from the nearby playground. “What is it?” one of them asked. “Come on let’s sit down,” another responded. The crowd was silent. The whales’ calls suddenly became more distinct. One of the children cried out, “Hey, look it! I see whales! And the ocean!” Read the full article in Santa Cruz Sentinel