Listening to the Distance

Project —

‘Listening to the Distance’ (2013-15) is series of video, sound and image works that explore how we can experience and share distant environments, through animal visions, remote presence and underwater sound. Listening to the Distance weaves together Yolande’s artwork with her theories of techno-intuition and sonic consciousness, in which expanded forms of awareness emerge through technological media and critical listening techniques.

Listening to the Distance includes the following works: Eagle, Eyrie, Whale Walk, Light Entering My Room, Mississippi Tornado, Bonneville Blue Whale, Ocean of Desert.

The solo exhibition Listening to the Distance places these works together and in the context of earlier works. Woodbury Art Museum, Utah Valley University, 21 July – 19 September 2015

A 75 page, Listening to the Distance Catalogue includes essays by Robert Campbell, Brandon LaBelle, Annea Lockwood and Edward Shanken. Supported by the Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation and Woodbury Art Museum, Utah Valley University.


This project was made possible with support from Mondriaan Fonds, The Netherlands, and Artist in Residence, University of Washington Seattle.