Taking Soundings

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Navigations, journeys, maps, coastlines of sound.  3 Prints and electronic sound, (9 tracks total playing time 15 minutes)

These images exist on the edge between a score and a map, line and sound, an event and a recording. Produced from satellite data collected by GPS of travels at sea and along coastlines, the work is “taking soundings” of position and movement. These images are the result of re-drawing those traces during a performance; as each part of the line is digitally drawn the data is transformed simultaneously into electronic sounds. The score then is being re-created, re-drawn, and so re-interpretted at the moment the sound comes into existence. These static prints become a record of a personal map, the memory of a shared performance, and encourage new interpretations by audience and viewer.
Taking Soundings was developed during an Artistic Fellowship at the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, and an Artistic Residency at STEIM, Amsterdam (2006 – 2008)

‘Tracing Mobility’, House of World Cultures, Berlin 2011

Ground Level’, Hayward Touring UK 2010-2011

“Possibility of Action: the Life of the Score” Contemporary Art Museum of Barcelona (MACBA) 2008


Taking Soundings: Anchor (900mm x 1390mm, inkjet on paper)


Taking Soundings: Blue Map (900mm x 1243mm, inkjet on paper)



Taking Soundings: Red Chart (900mm x 1200mm, inkjet on paper)