Score as Relationship

Research —

‘Score as Relationship’, book chapter in Eds. De Assis, Brooks and Coessens, Sound and Score: Essays on Sound, Score and Notation Leuven University Press

Abstract: How useful is the concept of the score in today’s multidisciplinary art prac- tices? Is it possible to rethink the musical score? Beyond theorizing the score in terms of notation, much can be learned from reconceptualizing the score as relationship. This essay charts the trajectory of my artistic practice from early experiments with musical scores to Score Spaces in the 2000s and Scorescapes since 2008. Recent theories that emphasise the relational and contextual nature of sound provide a framework for reconsidering my past practice and serve as a springboard for my current research, in which the idea of score as relationship is explicitly examined. I provide concrete examples in support of this idea, describing my own artistic practice using navigation, mapping and sonification, and offering an interpretation of work by composers Alvin Lucier and Pauline Oliveros. These examples illustrate a transformation from the score to a scorescape, from notation to relationship, with an emphasis on sound and the environment.