Research —

Peer Reviewed Publications:

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PhD Thesis:
— ‘Scorescapes: on Sound, Environment and Sonic Consciousness’ 50000 words with artistic practice. DocArtes programme, Leiden University NL, 2011. available to download on the Leiden University Repository:

MPhil Thesis:
— ‘Exploration in Movement: Towards the Symbiosis of Architecture, Moving Image and Music’ (15,000 words) with audiovisual thesis ‘Architecture in Motion’ (15 minutes), University of Cambridge, Department of Architecture, 2000

 — ‘From Moving Image to Moving Architecture‘  University of Cambridge, Department of Architecture, 2000


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— ‘Dolphins, Spectograms and Scorescapes: an interview with Yolande Harris’ by Morgan Currie, Masters of Media Blog, University of Amsterdam, 2009

— ‘A Journey Through Sound: an interview with Yolande Harris’ by Carmen Hutting and Annet Dekker, TagMag 5, <>TAG publication, Den Haag 2008 


Published writings by others (selection):

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— ‘Scorescapes: Scores, Environment and Sonic Consciouness’ online documentation of artistic research and process 

— ‘Sun Run Sun’ online documentation of artistic research and process

 — Meta-Orchestra report 2004