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floor to ceiling video wall projection, two-channel sound, 5 color still images, wall drawn text I am a hermit. I inhabit an eyrie. I look down on the resting eagles. I fly with them. There is no sense of time in this journey. Just the gliding of wings through air and the motion of water. […]

Light Entering My Room


Light Entering My Room (2015) fills a room with moving blue lights revealing shadows cast through trees in an old growth rainforest in the Pacific Northwest US. “Light Entering My Room fills a space in which the only sound was truly ‘ambient’—the noise of the adjacent shopping mall coming as close to silent as the […]

Mississippi Tornado

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Mississippi Tornado (2012/14) combines a field recording of the sound of WWII warning sirens used to signal an approaching tornado in Memphis, with a wall drawing of the overlapping natural and political border made by the changing route of the river through the Mississippi Delta. First exhibited in ‘Listening to the Distance’ Woodbury Art Museum, […]

Navigating by Circles / Sextant

Single channel video, stereo sound installation. Looking through the lens of a sextant, trying to fix the sun on the horizon from a moving boat, the sounds are electronic sonifications of the same process done by GPS.   ‘Listening to the Distance’, Woodbury Art Museum, Utah 2015 ‘Tracing Mobility’, House of World Cultures, Berlin 2011 […]

Tropical Storm

  Single channel video (room sized projection), stereo sound (dispersed).   Sound and video recordings of a tropical storm evoke the multisensory experience of being immersed in a torrential downpour in a rainforest. Tropical Storm presents the intensity of noise and energy through minimal editing, allowing the exact synchronisation of sound and image to work […]


Single channel video, stereo sound.   Recordings from an ocean swimmers viewpoint, it captures the rhythm of breathing and physical motion as the sound and image alternate between above and below water, cutting through the surface exploring the physicality of sound in relation through a direct involvement with environment.   ‘Water and the World’, Ear […]

Pink Noise

Single channel video (floor projection), stereo sound (headphones). Pink Noise (The Pink Noise of Pleasure Yachts in Turquoise Sea) uses sound recorded underwater at a National Marine Reserve in midsummer. A surprising range of sounds – loud thumps, grinds and tones from boat engines, anchors and depth sounders – are juxtaposed with video of colorful […]

Sun Run Sun: Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning is a site-specific, multi-channel sound and data projection installation. Sound is generated from a fixed GPS receiver that continuously calculates a different position, emphasizing the satellites in motion at an apparently drifting location. Sun Run Sun investigates contemporary, historical and animal techniques of navigation through the use of sound. Charting a path between […]