S.W.A.M.P. (Some Wayward Attempts at Monitoring Prawns) Performance, field recordings (Yolande Harris) and acoustic improvisation, with: #1 Christopher Williams (bass) Kato Hideki (electric bass) Stephen Menotti (trombone) #2 Christopher Williams (bass) Morton Olsen (bass drum) Werner Dafedecker (bass) #3 Kato Hideki (electric bass) William Lang (trombone) and Jim Pugliese (percussion)   S.W.A.M.P. explores the edges […]

Fishing for Sound

Stereo sound on multiple speakers (left/right split), single channel video.   Fishing for Sound creates a sea of spatial connections between phenomena underwater, in the mind, and from outer-space, weaving sounds from marine environments, psychotherapy and sonified navigation satellites. Common to each of these is a mass of background noise – of environment, memory and information – where listening is like […]

Sun Running

Sun Running The sound performance Sun Running, combines recordings of satellite sounds from around the world with environmental recordings and voices of participant reactions to the Satellite Sounders. Image above is a performance at Dag in de Branding Festival, <>Tag, Den Haag 2008.