Custom made stand alone headphones with audio player. ‘Whale (Dundee)’ (2017) is a sound walk where oceanic voices – bowhead and beluga whales, bearded seals and narwhals – speak directly into our ears from arctic waters. They become the agents, the guides, the voices of knowledge beyond our immediate experience. The cultural lives of cetacean […]

Displaced Sound Walks

Binaural microphones, sound recordings, sound playback device, headphones. The recording of sounds of a walk along a specific route are played back to individuals on headphones who are instructed to make the same walk but at a different time. The shift in relationship between the location seen and the sounds heard provokes a perceptual awareness […]

Sun Run Sun: Satellite Sounders

The Satellite Sounders are handheld custom-made instruments that allow one to listen to the changing satellite data while walking. They consist of a GPS antenna and receiver, a small computer processor converting the data into sound, a rechargeable battery and stereo headphones, and experienced whilst walking. Sun Run Sun investigates contemporary, historical and animal techniques […]