Wall Drawing



‘Eyrie’ (2015) includes 5 large printed stills from the video installation Eagle. The images continue the process of zooming in through technological means, this time beyond the layered lenses used to create the videos, into the digital viewing of the computer. Details of the eagles features are isolated – beak, feathers, eye – but as […]


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floor to ceiling video wall projection, two-channel sound, 5 color still images, wall drawn text I am a hermit. I inhabit an eyrie. I look down on the resting eagles. I fly with them. There is no sense of time in this journey. Just the gliding of wings through air and the motion of water. […]

Mississippi Tornado

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Mississippi Tornado (2012/14) combines a field recording of the sound of WWII warning sirens used to signal an approaching tornado in Memphis, with a wall drawing of the overlapping natural and political border made by the changing route of the river through the Mississippi Delta. First exhibited in ‘Listening to the Distance’ Woodbury Art Museum, […]