From a Whale’s Back

Work —

From a Whale’s Back (2020, in progress)
Multi-channel sound and video installation

What might it mean to be oceanic? To act in the world from a place of oceanic consciousness? From a Whale’s Back is an installation that explores the visual and sonic underwater world inhabited by whales of different species, Orcas, Humpbacks and Minke Whales, from Antarctica to the North Eastern Pacific. It uses video taken from tags used by scientists to monitor whales.
Thanks to Ari Friedlaender (Ocean Sciences, UCSC) for video and data from the whale tags. Videos were collected under NMFS permit. The tags are lightweight, skillfully placed and humanely attached with suction cups that release within twenty four hours. Music by Kristin Erickson (theremin), Madison Heying (synth) and Yolande Harris (harp and electronics). Video and sounds edited and composed by Yolande Harris.

Forthcoming at Radius Gallery, Santa Cruz 2020

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