Light Entering My Room

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Light Entering My Room (2015) fills a room with moving blue lights revealing shadows cast through trees in an old growth rainforest in the Pacific Northwest US.

“Light Entering My Room fills a space in which the only sound was truly ‘ambient’—the noise of the adjacent shopping mall coming as close to silent as the gallery allows. Here two corners of a dark room are lit by dim, cool light, as if by the moon (or perhaps a street light). The scene is warmed up by the dancing, wind-blown shadows cast by trees or shrubs. I was reminded of riding in the backseat of my parents’ car late at night, watching passing lights sweep over the car’s interior. Such ambient, accidental light forms an analog to ambient sound. Conventionally ignored in favor of illuminated stimulation, such lights have the power to calm the agitated modern psyche.”(from exhibition review


First exhibited in ‘Listening to the Distance’ Woodbury Art Museum, Utah Valley University Orem 2015