Melt Me Into The Ocean Performance

Work —

The evening sunset performance at Ocean View Park in Santa Cruz combined my soundscape from the Monterey Bay with my videos of a dreaming sea lion, ocean waves, and humpback whales, projected onto boulders in the park. At first the videos were very faint. As the light diminished the images came into focus and the sounds blended with the ambient sounds of the location. The audience that gathered was quiet and absorbed in being with this moment of changing transition from day to night, the emergence of the city lights, the distant roller-coaster, and the planets and stars overhead. The experience attuned us to being in the present moment, and in the presence of the nearby ocean through its sounds. This interweaving of direct bodily subjective experience with the remote submarine spaces through sound brings me back to Annea Lockwood’s comment, “The möbius strip of expanding awareness moves out from one’s own body to immediate place, to other phenomena, on to remote environments and back to the self in Harris’ rich body of thought and art.” (see Annea Lockwood, “Integrated Circuits” catalogue essay in Yolande Harris: Listening to the Distance, Woodbury Art Museum, 2015)