Melt Me Into The Ocean Walk

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Nestled on the edge of the Monterey Bay between the Pacific Ocean and the redwoods, a strong sense of place emanates throughout Santa Cruz. Melt Me Into The Ocean is a day-long event that uses sound to connect participants to this sense of place, commissioned by Madison Heying of Indexical.

Melt Me Into The Ocean features participatory works by local and nationally renowned artists that use sound, images, technology, and their bodies to activate public spaces including the West Jetty Walkway, Seabright Beach, and Ocean View Park, to reveal new facets of our relationships to local ecosystems and environments.

The centerpiece of the festival is a new piece by sound artist Yolande Harris, which employs underwater recordings—of whales and other creatures—from the Monterey Bay. Part I of the work begins with a guided listening sound walk on the West Jetty Parkway in the Santa Cruz Harbor. Part II will close out the festival at sunset: a performance in Ocean View Park featuring underwater recordings, projections of whales in the water, and live instruments. In Harris’s words, this work explores “the experience of color, sound, and environment as ‘polymorphous magical substance’ and the ocean as energy-exchange or ‘chi.’”