Pink Noise

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Single channel video (floor projection), stereo sound (headphones).

Pink Noise (The Pink Noise of Pleasure Yachts in Turquoise Sea) uses sound recorded underwater at a National Marine Reserve in midsummer. A surprising range of sounds – loud thumps, grinds and tones from boat engines, anchors and depth sounders – are juxtaposed with video of colorful light reflecting on the sea from the same location. Headphones are suspended from the ceiling directly above the video projection on the floor, physically emphasizing the technological mediation required to make audible the inaudible underwater sounds.

Exhibited at:
‘Listening to the Distance: Yolande Harris’ Woodbury Art Museum, Utah, 2015
Currents Festival Main Exhibition, El Museo Cultural, Santa Fe, 2015
‘Balance/UnBalance’, Digital Culture Gallery, Arizona State University, 2015
MADATAC Festival, Madrid,  2013
‘Alternative Now’ WRO Media Art Biennale, Wroclaw, Poland, 2011
‘Sonic Unconscious’, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn New York, 2011
‘Esemplasticism’, Transmediale, Berlin, 2010