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S.W.A.M.P. (Some Wayward Attempts at Monitoring Prawns)

Performance, field recordings (Yolande Harris) and acoustic improvisation, with:

#1 Christopher Williams (bass) Kato Hideki (electric bass) Stephen Menotti (trombone)

#2 Christopher Williams (bass) Morton Olsen (bass drum) Werner Dafedecker (bass)

#3 Kato Hideki (electric bass) William Lang (trombone) and Jim Pugliese (percussion)


S.W.A.M.P. explores the edges between field recording and acoustic improvisation, between sound and music. Environmental and underwater sounds, from biological to anthropogenic, lead to a state of mind that builds on the daydream.


#1 Diapason Gallery Brooklyn, New York, June 2009

#2 Galerie Mario Mazolli, Berlin, June 2010

#3 ‘Sonic Unconscious’, Issue Project Room, Brooklyn New York, April 2011