Sun Run Sun: Satellite Sounders

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The Satellite Sounders are handheld custom-made instruments that allow one to listen to the changing satellite data while walking. They consist of a GPS antenna and receiver, a small computer processor converting the data into sound, a rechargeable battery and stereo headphones, and experienced whilst walking.

Sun Run Sun investigates contemporary, historical and animal techniques of navigation through the use of sound. Charting a path between environmental engagement and technological development, Sun Run Sun explores the relationship between the embodied experience of location and the calculated data of position. A continuously changing musical composition is generated from signals of navigation satellites in orbit, together with the participant’s coordinates on earth. By exploring the individual experience of navigation technologies through the intimate and immersive qualities of sound, it re-establishes and renegotiates a sense of embodied connectedness to one’s environment.

  • Sun Run Sun: Satellite Sounders, Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt 2009
  • Sun Run Sun: Satellite Sounders, PICNIC08 Virtueel Platform, Amsterdam 2008
  • Sun Run Sun: Satellite Sounders, Museum of Contemporary Art, Genova 2008
  • Sun Run Sun: Satellite Sounders, Temporary Museum Amsterdam 2008
  • Sun Run Sun: Satellite Sounders, V2_ Rotterdam 2008
  • Sun Run Sun: Satellite Sounders, NIMK Amsterdam 2008
  • Sun Run Sun was produced by NIMK (Netherlands Media Art Institute) during the Artist in Residence, November 2007 – April 2008 in collaboration with STEIM (Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music) Amsterdam.