You Me Swim Blackbird

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You Me Swim Blackbird creates an awareness of one’s own lived time through sound. It presents the sounds of internal memories of growth and external markers of life: the pulsating rhythms of a mother and her unborn baby’s heartbeats, the bubbling bursting sounds of breathing while swimming, and the periodic bursts of a blackbird’s springtime call. The sound of a body inside a body, a body crossing from water to air, and a body calling through air.  The sounds were recorded using everyday consumer technology: a handheld ultrasound device for listening to your foetus’s heartbeat, a handheld waterproof camera, and a laptop computer’s built-in microphone. Each captures a sonic quality that makes the intensity of the sounds more palpable, more internal or more open. Yolande Harris’ You Me Swim Blackbird was commissioned by and created especially for the ICA for the Soundworks exhibition in response to Bruce Nauman’s Days.