Melt Me Into The Ocean Project

Series of installations, performances, walks and workshops in Santa Cruz using sounds from underwater in the Monterey Bay. What pulls us to the ocean? And when we arrive at its edge, what do we experience? Melt Me Into The Ocean imagines a deeper dive at the point where land and sea meet, bringing sounds up […]

Listening to the Distance

‘Listening to the Distance’ (2013-15) is series of video, sound and image works that explore how we can experience and share distant environments, through animal visions, remote presence and underwater sound. Listening to the Distance weaves together Yolande’s artwork with her theories of techno-intuition and sonic consciousness, in which expanded forms of awareness emerge through technological […]


The Scorescapes project (with its related thesis) explores sound, its image and its role in relating humans and our technologies to the environment. It investigates two related questions: How does sound mediate our relationship to environment? And how can contemporary multidisciplinary art practices articulate and explore this relation between sound and environment? Largely on underwater […]

Sun Run Sun

Sun Run Sun:on Sonic Navigations (2007-2009), investigates contemporary, historical and animal techniques of navigation through the use of sound. Charting a path between environmental engagement and technological development, Sun Run Sun explores the relationship between the embodied experience of location and the calculated data of position. A continuously changing musical composition is generated from signals […]

Taking Soundings


Navigations, journeys, maps, coastlines of sound.  3 Prints and electronic sound, (9 tracks total playing time 15 minutes) These images exist on the edge between a score and a map, line and sound, an event and a recording. Produced from satellite data collected by GPS of travels at sea and along coastlines, the work is […]

Score Spaces

The Score Spaces (2003 -2007) artistic research project explores sound spaces and performances, from intimate to inhabited, collaborative and networked. It includes A Collection of Circles (or Pharology); Light Phase; The Meta-Orchestra; Inside-Out Instrument; Spin. Scores Spaces was developed at the Jan van Eyck Academy, Maastricht with the support of European Funds for Culture, Stichting Intro Maastricht and […]